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If you would prefer, feel free to contact me directly at to request a media kit. Please also include a short description of how your brand would like to collaborate and check out my Instagram page @caitlintfield.

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Whether you are a fellow clothes horse in SoHo or San Diego, I would absolutely love to hear from you. If you do happen to be in the greater Los Angeles area, I am more than happy to schedule an in-person consultation or meeting over coffee.


If you would like to work with me but live outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, email me at for a style consultation or online personal shopping. If you are a blossoming fashion blogger, I also offer “Blogging 101” consulting services – from landing your first brand partnerships to generating social media traffic.


If you are looking to freshen up your look, I would love to accompany you on a shopping trip as your personal style consultant. I will help you pick every day or special event pieces based on what flatters your body, seasonal trends, your taste, and most importantly – your budget.


Struggling to decide whether to keep, trash or donate? Is it time for a wardrobe overhaul? While we work through to freshen and organize your closet, I’ll bring over a bottle of champagne and help you choose which items are worth hanging onto and make a list of essentials you will need to buy for seasons to come.DALLAS, FASHION, LIFESTYLE, BLOG, STYLE,


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