Steve Madden: The Basics

Nothing better than a little evening retail therapy, Steve Madden edition. Lucky for you, I’ve taken care of the dirty work for you, so grab a glass of cabernet and your AmEx! I’m *drooling* over all six pairs of these wardrobe staples. In fact, with the addition of a pair of Nike running shoes, these could carry you all the way to 2018. I chose nude and black shades for you to shop that can be mixed and matched to cater to any outfit, any season. Continue Reading

The Scout Report | January Edit

It goes without question that my look has evolved over time – this year being no exception. Now being on the “wrong” side of 25, I’ve hit a watershed moment where I’m completely comfortable with what I like wearing and feel confident in. I’m investing in well-tailored pieces that still allow me to pay rent each month and hauling my Forever 21 mini-skirts to the nearest Salvation Army. If you resolved to be more stylish in 2017, I’m super excited to share with you all of my January favorites to kick off the new year.

I’ve found that spending the extra money for quality products that stand the test of time is far more important than a quick deal that will likely end up in a donation bin next season. I went through my closet *three* times in the past month to continue to curate down to styles that I love wearing. I went through each item one by one. If I haven’t worn it in over a year, begone to a new home. Every outfit should feel like your favorite outfit! While I’m still pretty far away from having a capsule wardrobe – let’s be real, won’t ever happen – I have de-cluttered my wardrobe and freed up room for my style to continue to evolve.

I’m lusting over every item on this list. If “budget” wasn’t in my vocabulary, they would all be on my doorstep in 3-5 business days.

my january favorites